Antique handcrafted wooden doors and shutters from India.   These pieces feature traditional carvings and some are decorated with brass or iron ornamentation.  All the items shown below are in stock.

Door 1 R22 000
217 x 163 cm (outside)
188 x 100 cm (inside)
Door 2 R22 500
257 x 103cm
Door 3 R13 800
175 x 110 cm
Window with shutters R4 800
Garden Gate Green R3 300
Painted green
W 77cm H90cm
Garden Gate Blue R3 300
Blue with lattice
W80cm H102cm
Garden Gate 3 R3 300
W99cm H110cm
Garden Gate 4 R3 300
W93cm H115cm
Garden Gate 5 R3 300
W96cm H100 cm
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